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imPRESS International Media is the international arm of many of the world's leading specialist medical, life sciences and technology information platforms.

Our portfolio of quality media has allowed us to become specialists for biotech & medical, electronics and computing, and environmental clients.

Our audiences are made up of core groups of clued-up, and highly-effective people - the leaders and early adopters who drive agendas and decisions, and control the majority of purchases made globally by organisations.  In knowledge-based industries, these people are the key to long-term collaborations, particularly when markets are more challenging.

These specialists represent the thought leadership for developing new and improved products and processes, breakthrough technology, business strategies and product line extensions.  In overwhelming numbers, they want to know what you bring to the table, your solutions and the scope of your expertise. They want direct peer to peer access in your company.

We can start the opening conversation with them about your unique capabilities, because they're engaged in our many online and print resources for learning and discovery.  They are inventing tomorrow's technology and they decide whether your company's technological capability will be part of it. If they don't know or aren't clear on what those capabilities are, you don't exist, you risk missing inclusion.

Click on audiences, and then select the specialist area(s) you need to target to see summary demographics and options on how to reach each. And for sample copy/ies, information on availability or costings, please click on the contact name for each to specify what else you would need to progress your enquiry, and whatever you need will be sent to you.

Our focus and commitment to these specialties allows us to offer great advice about what works - and what doesn't.

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