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Public Health / Policy / Environmental Studies

These audiences draw on information resources that reflect the broader scope of their endeavours.

Critically-reviewed science, business and policy information specific to each is brought together in a balanced multi-perspective form to facilitate research and debate that is vital to the understanding and development of these areas, for example:

  • AIDS Patient Care, Population Health Management and Journal of Women’s Health publish seminal information on strategy, practice and science
  • Biosecurity and Bioterrorism provides a forum for the debate and exploration of the many key strategic, scientific and operational issues posed by biological weapons and bioterrorism
  • Industrial Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering Science which focus on innovative solutions for our planet, sustainably, cost-and eco-efficiently
  • Environmental Justice and Sustainability which draw upon the expertise and perspectives of all parties involved in balanced discussion of the challenges and the continuing need for cohesive, coordinated approaches to major world issues

All backed by the expertise of outstanding editorial boards in their specialties, and with the remit to inform debate broadly and comprehensively across their fields.

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